2017 Season

Kazakh Valley Archaeological Survey

The Kasakh Valley Archaeological Survey (KVAS), a sub-project of Project ArAGATS, conducted a fourth season of survey in the upper Kasakh River valley from 1 July – 9 August 2017. Survey participants in 2017 included Dr. Ian Lindsay (Purdue University), Dr. Alan Greene (New York University), Arshaluys Mkrtchyan (IAE, NAS, RA employee), Karen Azatyan (IAE, NAS, RA graduate student), Salpi Bocchieriyan (Cornell University, graduate student), Christopher Stevenson, and Gabrielle Borenstein (Cornell University, graduate student). This season marked the end of the initial phase of a multi-year systematic settlement survey of the upper Kasakh River valley to address questions about the changing dimensions of ancient fortified landscapes in the region. The project’s research goals are to study fortified landscapes in the upper Kasakh River Valley as a means to better understand the shifting role of militarism and warfare in political formations, settlement patterns, and social identity. In 2017, we covered a total of 6.5 sq km of systematic transects on the east side of the Kasakh River, combined with increased extensive survey activities that covered an additional 15 sq km. Our survey continued to employ drones to generate detailed, high-resolution aerial images of sites, and to facilitate photogrammetric analysis of archaeological landscapes via 3D modeling and orthomosaic images.