2013 Excavations Underway

Today is the fourth day of fieldwork for the 2013 Project ArAGATS excavations.  We are working at three sites this year: Gegharot Fortress, the Gegharot Kurgans, and the town at Tsaghkahovit.  The Gegharot fortress excavations are off to a quick start thanks to an operation on the east citadel that we closed at the end of the 2011 season just as things were getting interesting.  As we suspected, after just a bit of cleaning, we appear to be moving into a well-preserved Late Bronze Age deposit reminiscent of other destruction levels that we have encountered on the site.  Here is our first small find from the operation–a fitting testament to destruction.

A Late Bronze Age Obsidian Arrowhead from Gegharot Operation T34

A Late Bronze Age Obsidian Arrowhead from Gegharot Operation T34

At the Gegharot Kurgans, we are cleaning a relatively large burial adjacent to the tomb we excavated in 2005.  These excavations will serve as pilot research for Hannah Chazin’s planned dissertation research on the circulation of animals in the Late Bronze Age regional political economy.

Tsagh 2013 Day 4

At Tsaghkahovit, work is concentrating this year in Precinct C in the shadow of the fortress hill.

We will continue to post updates on the progress of our work throughout the field season.

New Publication Alert


Now in press at the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology:
Lindsay, I. and A. Greene
2013  Sovereignty, mobility, and political cartographies in Late Bronze Age southern Caucasia. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

ArAGATS 2013

PackingWe are packing up and getting ready for the new field season.  We will try to post regular updates on this site as the season progresses.  If you are in Armenia this summer, feel free to come visit.  In general, we will be in the field every day except Sundays from June 27-July 28.  You can find us in Gegharot, Tsaghkahovit, or Aparan by just asking for the archaeologists.

Project ArAGATS has a new US Home

As of  August 2011, Project ArAGATS has a new US home!  Adam T. Smith and Lori Khatchadourian have taken positions in the Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies Departments (respectively) at Cornell University.  For more information see the following links: LoriAdamAssemblages BlogLandscapes and Objects Laboratory.

In Armenia, Project ArAGATS is based at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography where co-director Ruben Badalyan heads the Bronze Age division.


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